About Philatelic Supplies

Level of Service:

Our service level aspires to be the finest in the U.K. and probably in the World.
The key aspects are:

  • Orders are dealt with "By Return", so assuming normal 2013 Post Office cooperation we aim to have your order back to you within 2 working days.
    1. All stamps are provided in the highest quality unmounted mint condition. We only sell in the sort of condition that we would be prepared to buy back.
    2. Our order forms have reduced error rates when attending to orders significantly. Please ensure that you fill in the order form as laid out, we will return to you a copy with the completed order. A copy of my order form is available for downloading in RTF fromat which will open in most word processors for fax or mail orders. Download European Union Order Form. Download Overseas Order Form. Alternativly you may use my online credit card order form found on the order page.
    3. Our packaging is more than adequate, this means that the Post Office did not damage one single item in transit last year. We also endeavour to recycle all packaging returned to us - both tranparent envelopes & cardboard as well as Mailite Bags.
    4. Our use of current commemorative stamps in complete sets where possible (i.e. £1.50 worth of postage upwards), means that collectors normally receive well postmarked G.B.. - Overseas collectors who are regular customers are virtually guaranteed a complete collection of fine used G.B. with registered postmarks being applied well at our local Post Office.

    Price Lists


    Because our lists are updated regularly, depending on the Theme they are up-dated every 4 weeks (e.g. Birds) or at worst every 2 months (e.g. Cricket), we hope not to have more than the odd items out-of-stock. Additionally there are two levels of "out-of-stock" one of which will be indicated next to an item we are unable to send.

    (i) "SOLD OUT" means we cannot forecast when the item concerned will come back into our stock, any resulting credit is best used on the next order.

    ii) "ON REORDER" means that this set has been or will shortly be ordered specifically for you from a reliable source of supply which gives us a greater than 90% chance of being in a position to supply usually within 4-8 weeks (a time will usually be indicated).

    Wants Lists:

    Our various lists accurately portray our current stock position and take a great deal of time to keep up-dated, we are not easily able to deal with a series of quotations for various "Wants" except as firm orders. Our prices are such that they reflect the current concensus; "New Issue" prices predominate, i.e. as low as they have ever been. If they are occasionally higher than this level it is only where older issues have been repurchased or exchange rates have altered adversely. Please ensure when sending a "Wants List" that you lay it out with 5 columns as follows:

    Country * Year * Description+ S.G.# if known * Cat. Value * Leave blank

    Standing Orders:

    If you wish to collect all stamps from a particular Country or all stamps on a particular Theme then you may like to have a "Standing Order" for them. This ensures that you do not miss any item and guarantees the lowest price. Forms can be sent for examination on any Theme or for any Country.Pleaes email for further details

    Telephone Enquiries:

    There is usually a knowledgeable member of staff available to answer enquiries concerning modern postage stamps. If no-one is immediately available then we will phone you back. Written enquiries will also be answered to the best of our knowledge.

    Order by Telephone:

    Swift orders can also be placed by phone though we do prefer longer lists of requirements to be sent in on our order forms - it is very time consuming and more prone to errors by telephone, especially where there are so many similar products available! Faxed or e-mailed orders are quite acceptable.

    Approval Services:

    We are unable to offer an approval service due to our cost structure which is designed to support the service above; unparalled in the U.K. we believe. We can occasionally accept items ordered by customers in error (we all make mistakes!), but all returns do incur a double labour charge for no sale, so we have to reserve the right to charge returns at the labour handling charge (approx.30% cost - 0.50 pence). Where a mistake is caused by our misdescription we expect to bear the cost and a full refund/credit is applicable ofcourse. It is also partly for labour costs reasons that a minimum order of 15 GBP applies.